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    Special Contract Services

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    Removal of Larc

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Special Contract Services Group

Human Resources Division

The Cooperative supplies on a contractual basis a range of staff to organisations such as the Cocos Keeling Island District High School, and for projects being undertaken.

Construction and Maintenance Division

The Construction and Maintenance Division carries out a range of building activities which includes renovation of buildings, disposal of asbestos, construction of buildings, repairs and maintenance to existing buildings, and the operation of plan and equipment in support of contractors undertaking projects in the Cocos Keeling Islands. It has a range of plant and equipment, and access to a wider range of plant and equipment through lease agreements it has with its range of qualified employees can be used to support contractors.

In relation to pest management operations, the Cooperative has a number of employees who have received certification and licensing in this area.

Cleaning Division

The Cooperative has a highly trained and experienced cleaning force which provides cleaning services to schools, the light industrial area, supermarket, offices, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection facility on West Island, and a range of other government buildings.

Below are some buildings that the Cooperative provides cleaning services for:

Commonwealth Bank Agency

The Cooperative operates agencies for the Commonwealth Bank on both Home and West Islands.

The Commonwealth Department of Human Services has appointed the Cooperative as its Centrelink and Medicare agent in the Cocos Keeling Islands.