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Financial Report

The Cooperative’s financial report for the year ended 30 June 2016 is available for viewing here. (PDF Document).

Logistics Group

Stevedoring Division

March 2016 has seen the Cooperative move to a closer involvement with the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Border Force in relation to logistical support for vessels operated by these organisations. HMAS Choules, ADV Ocean Protector, and ABFC Ocean Shield have all been supported by the Cooperative and this logistical support will continue for some time into the future.

The Cooperative has had to establish new working relationships with a range of organisations which include DOV, Program Management, Complete Stevedoring and Freight Services, Australian Border Force, Royal Australian Navy, and the civilian crews of these ships.

New stevedoring procedures and practices have been developed to accommodate these operations.

Marine Services Division

March 2016 saw milestones for the contracts for ferry services and bus services that the Cooperative has with the Australian Government.

The ferry operations from the beginning of the contract to the end of March 2016 has seen 195,819 passengers use the ferry service. By the end of April 2016, more than 200,000 passengers would have been carried by the ferries. For the same period, 109,219 passengers have been carried by the buses, and by the end of April 2016, more than 110,000 passengers would have been carried by the buses.

Airport Operations Division

Currently the Australian Government is in the process of reviewing the air services contract for the Australian Indian Ocean Territories. Currently the airline service is provided by Virgin Australia, and it is anticipated by the third quarter of 2016, the Australian Government will announce who has been awarded the air services contract. At this point in time, as to who, and how frequently, the air freight service will be provided is a matter yet to be decided by the Australian Government.

Hospitality Group

Cocos Beach Resort

RoomMaster computerised hospitality system has been installed for the Resort, and is operating extremely well, replacing the old manually kept records. This is providing management with more information for the more efficient and effective management of the Resort.

The Frangipani Gift Store will before 30 June 2016, have installed the Vend Point of Sale computer system, and DEAR Inventory Management System, which will provide more management information.

Proposed Redevelopment for the Cocos Beach Resort

The Garden Light Company

Satellite Television Installation

Website Launch

Tropika Restaurant

The computerised Point of Sale system for the Tropika Restaurant is now operating, and staff have made an excellent transition from the old cash register system to the new computer-based system.

Retailing Group

West Island Supermarket

By 30 June 2016, the West Island Supermarket will have operational the Revel Point of Sale and Inventory Management Systems. This will provide the Supermarket management and corporate management with comprehensive information so as to manage inventory and procurement operations far more efficiently than has been done in the past.

Home Island Hardware

The Home Island Hardware store will before 30 June 2016, have installed the Vend Point of Sale computer system, and DEAR Inventory Management System, which will provide more management information.

Special Contract Services Group

Special Contract Services staff and other Cooperative staff will be attending in April 2016, a specialised pest management training course operated by Pest Education Services & Training of Perth, Western Australia.

Upon completion, the Cooperative employees will be issued a Certificate III in Pest Control, which is recognised throughout Australia.

Corporate Services Group

The Asset Guru computerised Asset Management Program is in the process of being installed, and this will provide the Cooperative with a fully computerised asset management system, which it did not have in the past.

Nexia Australia will be conducting the interim audit at the end of June 2016, and attending the fiscal stocktakes of the various divisions of the Cooperative.

The Cooperative Employees’ Annual Party

This is planned for early May 2016, and will incorporate the global launch of the Cooperative and the Cocos Beach Resort websites, the official opening of the new theme lighting for the Cocos Beach Resort, the presentation of the Certificate III in Pest Control, and the ground handlers’ Dangerous Goods Certificates.