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Logistics Group

Stevedoring Division

Shipping services to the Australian Indian Ocean Territories of the Cocos Keeling Islands and Christmas Island are provided by vessels chartered by Anderson Shipping Company operating out of Singapore.

The shipping schedules can be accessed through here (then click on Stevns Trader).

The major port for the shipment of supplies to the Australian Indian Ocean Territories is from Fremantle, Western Australia.

Consolidation of freight for Anderson Shipping Company vessels is performed by Zentner Shipping Company (Perth Western Australia).

The Cooperative is the only licensed stevedoring business in the Cocos Keeling Islands, and also acts as ships agents.

Operating the landing craft Minti Sedaya, which can carry four 20 foot containers, and the dumb barge James Capstan, which can carry sixteen 20 foot containers, it can stevedore a wide variety of cargo ranging from 20 foot to 40 foot containers, plant and equipment, refrigerated containers, ISO containers, 1.5T bulka bags for construction projects, complete power houses, desalination plants, and the stevedoring of dredges, landing craft and dumb barges. All of stevedoring operations are managed through integrated computer programs for stevedoring and ship operations. In addition, the Cooperative operates a wide range of plant and equipment which includes mobile cranes, sidelifting trailers, forklifts, prime movers with flatbed trailers, and light and heavy haulage trucks.

Marine Services Division

The Cooperative operates under contract the inter-island ferry services for the Australian Government, and it uses the Cahaya Baru for inter-island ferry services, and the RJ Hawk, as a standby ferry, for the transfer of ship’s crew, as well as undertaking medivacs, and search and rescue operations.

Bus services on West Island are operated by the Cooperative under contract to the Australian Government.

In addition, the Cooperative operates its own fast response vessel, Ikan Layar in a range of roles, from pilotage, fishing, and as a water taxi.

The Marine Services division provides a range of services for the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Border Force, and commercial shipping operations. These include crew transfers, resupplies, and inter-island emergency services.

Airport Operations Division

Ground handling services are provided for Toll and when required to the Royal Australian Air Force, Australian Government chartered flights, medivac flights, and executive jets.

Cooperative employees are certified in relation to the handling of dangerous goods by the Australian Government.

Airport operations are controlled through an approved Transport Security Program.

Freight Management Division

The Cooperative act as agents for Zentner Shipping in relation to less than container loads of sea freight.